Because you gave!

BWA Womens Department

Because YOU gave for the 2017 Day of Prayer!!

Every year, during Day of Prayer we PRAY for each other. But we also GIVE! These offerings go toward the costs of running your Continental Union work and also the BWA Women's work on the global scale. As part of that, these offerings go to projects. You can see on your Continental Union websites where the funds were shared in your Continent. This is where the funds were shared through BWA Women on a global scale through your giving to the 2017 Day of Prayer offering:

1.  Liberia:  Home for Pregnant Teens

Liberian WMU receiving the funds from your offerings
For more details on this project, click here.

2.  Malawi: Against Child Labour (Tisule Foundation)

 Ministering to vulnerable children. Please click here for more information on this valuable work.

3.  South Africa: Alabaster Jars (First City Baptist Church)

Working with unemployed, disadvantaged and homeless men and women as well as a group of women in the sex trade.  For more information....

4.  Bhutan: Setting up a Bhutanese Baptist Women's Fellowship

This is a first time attempt to organize a fellowship there. It will begin with a conference to provide training and equipping module which will help the women see why and how Baptist women need to come together and how they can connect to women around the world.

5.  Moldova: Bethania Foundation

 Dr. Ilie Coada is a Baptist pastor in Moldova who is also the founder of Bethania Foundation. He has dedicated his life and resources to preventing young girls from becoming victims of human trafficking. Bethania develops social care projects all over the Republic of Moldova.  It implements projects in the areas of human trafficking prevention, social and family integration of children from orphanages and boarding schools, foster care, day care for children at risk, as well as elderly care projects. With the funds you gave, you have helped them purchase a much needed vehicle for transporting the elderly and for bringing them wholesome food to their homes. For more information, click here.

6.  Thailand: Mae Tao Clinic


Some Baptist women had the opportunity to visit this very important work in Thailand last summer. Please click here to find out more about how your offerings are helping this clinic.

Thank you for giving! Thank you for caring as we continue to advance the work of Baptist women around the globe!