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Name of Project: Against Child Labour 

Country: Malawi 

Organization: Tisule Foundation 

Person responsible: Patricia Annie Mzumara 

One in six children in Malawi is a victim of violence, abuse, exploitation, or neglect and is at risk of contracting HIV and AIDS. The situation is dire for many Malawian children in the Katonga district, situated 45 kilometres from the border of Tanzania and 90 km from the border of Zambia. The district is along the lakeshore where the fishing business is growing. This results in significant problems in child welfare: primarily child labour, but also early marriages and child trafficking. Tisule Foundation as a Baptist organization is concerned with the wellbeing of vulnerable children. We believe that children are the future leaders of the country and helping them helps our country. If not seriously addressed, child labour will eventually lead to an increase in poverty, high population rates, and school dropout rates, preventing our country from having a future.


Early Childhood Development Centers

Early Marriage and Child Labour Sensitization

Tisule  Foundation has been running for four years with little locally available resources. Patricia has managed to train trainers  of trainers for adult literacy from different areas, has set up Early Childhood Development Centers ,  worked with child protection which includes early marriage, child labour and child trafficking  sensitization including bringing back to school drop out girl children. The ministry also includes HIV/AIDS counselling and support groups, Women Empowerment which includes Village Saving Loans groups to promote the lives of women, Disaster and risk management , Giving word of hope to the refugees, Peace building, and Spreading the Word of God in the remotest areas where there is no network, no health facilities, no water accessibility, and no means of transport. Patricia has been going to visit and work in these  areas walking for 8 hours to reach the unreachable.This is her first grant since this ministry was started. Patricia is very thankful for this grant, believing that with this grant she will serve God to the fullest.

Patricia and team visiting a refugee camp

Community Tree Nursery

Village Saving Loans

Community Sensitization about HIV/AIDS

Peace and Reconciliation Mediation and Negotiations

Training trainers for Adult Literacy

Patricia (far left) and team

Working with Displaced women