Alabaster Jars

BWA Womens Department

Project Name: Alabaster Jars

Country: South Africa 

Organisation: First City Baptist Church 

Person Responsible: Donnae Thomas 

Alabaster Jars is currently working with unemployed, disadvantaged and homeless men and women who attend our Tuesday morning program. It also cares for a group of women in the sex trade whom we visit at a local park. They join us in the church bus and we spend time talking with them. Our main focus for both groups is sharing the Gospel and giving all the opportunity to hear God’s Word. They also receive a sandwich and tea or juice and may make an appointment to speak with our social worker, if they so choose. We assist with grocery items, food parcels, I.D., books and clothing, which are “earned” on a points system. We are currently working through “The World of God is like…” with them and encourage everyone who can to read the Bible.

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