BWA Youth Conference

BWA Womens Department

A Baptist Youth World Conference is held every five years.  The conference provides an atmosphere for fellowship, worship and sharing of concerns for Baptist youth from around the world.  The 16th Baptist Youth World Conference was held in Singapore, July 17-21, 2013.

The theme of the conference was REACH.  Over the five days the theme was developed in the following way; God reaching out to us, reaching one another in the body of Christ, reaching one another in ministry and mission, and reaching the world.

The seminars were planned for the youth, young adults, leaders, and any age.  The BWA Women’s Department sponsored a seminar titled “Here she comes…Awesomely & Extraordinarily Made by God”.  Miyon Chung from Korea was the facilitator.  The seminar was an exploratory and reflective session on the biblical meaning of the image of God as applied to today’s young Christian women—i.e., the implications of bearing God’s image from the vantage points of identity, relationships, and work.  The seminar was presented in two seminar sessions, and both were very well attended.

Patsy Davis, Executive Director of the BWA Women’s Department, talked about Baptist women, as well as all Baptist being “In Step with the Spirit” and what that means.  All the young people were invited to participate in the Resurrection Dance through a You Tube presentation by young people in Hungary in order to feel what it is like to be in step with the Spirit, and afterwards they were challenged to be in step with the Spirit and REACH out to all those around them so that they can also be in step with the Spirit.

There were approximately 2,500 youth from 60 different countries that participated in the 2013 Baptist Youth Conference in Singapore