Calendar of Events

BWA Womens Department


This is a sampling of events that the Women's Department board members are involved with. Please use this calendar to be informed, encouraged and also as a prayer reminder as we certainly could use your prayers! Thank you!

February 7-12: Joina was in Ethiopia for All African Baptist Fellowship Executive meetings
February 13-15:  Joina was in Ethiopia for Women's Leadership Training
February 17-19:  Joina was in Kenya for Leadership Training

March 6-11:  BWA Executive Committee, BWA Search Committee and WD Administrative Committee meetings in Falls Church, VA. This involved Ksenija, Kathy, Moreen, Dione and our bookeeper, Adria Wilkins

March 12-18  United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, New York 
We had a large contingent of Baptist women attending this year. There were 24 in the group, 17 of whom are from outside of the US, and from 13 different countries. This includes all of the Vice Presidents of the WD as well as Ksenija. Thank you for praying as we attended this Commission! Please pray now that we will all see how God would have us to implement the solutions offered in Jesus' name in the contexts where we are from.

March 19: Top women leaders of European Baptist Federation met in Rome. This included Aniko Ujvari and Ksenija Magda.

March 25: Precy Caronongan met with a Baptist group in Okinawa

March 31: Precy Caronongan met with two Baptist Groups in Japan

April 18-22:  NABWU Administrative Committee met for planning meetings for the 2017 Assembly and also held Uptick (young women's mentoring program). Waco, TX  

April 26 - May 1: Asian Baptist Women's Union had preparation meetings for the 2018 Assembly which will be held in Penang, Malysia

June 22 - July 1: Women's Department Executive Board meets in  Chiang Mai, Thailand for their yearly board meetings and a Young Women's Consultation they are holding (June 30-July 1)

July 2 - 7: The Women's Department all attend the BWA General Council meetings in Bangkok which they are all part of.

July 29-24: Caribbean Baptist Women's Union conference in Antigua. Arise, Shine-United for Christ

August 20-24:  Arise and Be Influential Beyond Horizons (Gen. 4:40-41) at Mulungushi University, Zambia. Baptist Women's Union of Africa's quinquennial conference at which time new officers will be elected for the 2017-2022 term.

September 25-29: Women's Rally at Asian Pacific Baptist Fellowship meetings in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
September 30: ABWU Leadership  Conference in Indonesia

October 6-8: EBWU - Arabic Women's Conference in Cyprus

October 19-22: New Dreams:NABWU Assembly 2017 (Isaiah 43:19), Toronto, Ontario, Canada. At this quinquennial event, new officers will be elected for the 2017-2022 term.

November 1 - 10:  Patsy Davis is leading a trip to Israel to celebrate Day of Prayer. For more information contact Patsy Davis.

November 6:    2017 Day of Prayer!

July 17-20, 2020  Women's Leadership Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil