Commission on the Status of Women

BWA Womens Department

United Nations

Commission on the Status of Women

New York
Held annually in March

9000 women from around the world come to discuss
women's issues and solutions!
This is not a "Christian event" but we find that women's issues are women's issues whether Christian or not. And as we learn about solutions, we can bring them back to our contexts and bring these solutions to a whole new level as we share them with the good news of God's love!

In 2018, our Baptist contingent to the Commission consisted of 13 women and 2 men from five different countries. Because Baptist World Alliance is a United Nations recognized NGO, we have access to twenty passes for this event.

If you would like to attend next year (2019) please contact us in November or December, 2018. 

Please contact Moreen Sharp at for more information and to get a free pass to attend this amazing conference!  

  • Hundreds of sessions to choose from (usually in panel format) 10 per block and there are six blocks per day!
  • We usually attend only the first 4 or 5 days as there is so much information you can't attain it all!
  • An ecumenical chapel service is held every morning.
  • We try to find as economical accommodation as possible in the area of the United Nations
  • The conference is free but airfare, accommodation and meals would be your expenses.
  • For more information see:
  •     Here
  •     Information from the United Nations
  •     CSW Parallel Events info 
  • For more specific information, please contact the BWA Women's office at


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