Continental Unions

BWA Womens Department
The Women's Department of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) is composed of 7 Continental Unions representing 235 national Baptist women's organizations from 136 countries.  Click on the names of the Continental Unions to learn which countries and member organizations are a part of each Continental Union.  

Baptist Women's Union of Africa (BWUA)Marthe Nguime Ekollo, Marthe, Ekollo, Marthe Ekollo

President Marthe Ekollo (Cameroon)


Asian Baptist Women's Union (ABWU)

President Precy Caronongan (Philippines)


Caribbean Baptist Women's Union (CBWU)

President Yvonne Pitter (Jamaica)


European Baptist Women's Union (EBWU)

President Aniko Ujvari (Hungary)


Union Femenil Bautista De America Latina (UFBAL)
Latin American Baptist Women's Union 

President Sara Mendoza de Barrios (Venezuela)

President TaNikka Sheppard (USA)

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President Amelia Gavidi (Fiji)