Distribution of DOP

BWA Womens Department

One-half of the offerings received remains in the continental union for its ministries, and the other half is sent to the international office of the BWA Women's Department.

50% BWA Women's Department

  • Day of Prayer Projects
  • Publications (printing & mailing): 1. Baptist Women's Day of Prayer program (annually) and 2. Together (E-Newsletter-quarterly)
  • Travel for Officers and Director
  • Leadership Conference, including Scholarships
  • Special projects to help meet the needs of women around the world.
  • Maintaining world office (administrative cost)
  • Director and assistants salaries

**Note: The BWA Women's Department depends on this one-day offering as its main source of income.

50% Continental Union

  • Travel funds for Continental Union officers to encourage small, struggling national Baptist women's groups.
  • Funds to help Continental Union officers form new organizations of Baptist Women.
  • Continental Union meetings held once every five years.
  • Scholarships to attend Continental Union meetings.
  • Special programs: evangelism, young women’s conferences, Continental Union Day of Prayer projects, and other special meetings to help meet the needs of the women.