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Prayer Bracelet

Prayer Bracelet

The Lord tells us to “Pray without ceasing.” -1 Thessalonians 5:17.  Now you have a way to remember to pray for our sisters around the world.  There is a bracelet in the color of each Continental Union.

 Suggested donation: $20

Globe jewelery

We are a global sisterhood! Wear these in solidarity with your sisters around the world!

Suggested donation $8




World Pendant Necklace

World Pendant Necklace

Buy a gift with world significance.  Order your world pendant today as a reminder to pray for Baptist women around the world.  You can make a world of difference as you pray for their physical and spiritual needs.  This beautiful necklace comes in two designs: One tone gold pendants and two tone gold/silver pendants.
Suggested donation $20

Lapel Pin/pendant

Order our BWA Women’s Department logo lapel pin and/or pendant especially designed for the Department.  The design represents Baptist women from each of the seven Continental Unions that make up the BWA Women’s Department as they stand together, growing in effectiveness, and impacting our world for Christ.

Suggested donation: Logo pendant (no chain) $10; Lapel Pin $5


This lanyard and flashlight comes from South Africa where we held our last Global Women's Leadership Conference. It is made by the Ndebele people.  The flashlight reminds us to Arise and Shine as our theme encourages us to do!   Suggested donation: $5
BWA Lapel Pin


Free from Violence Book Cover

Free from Violence in the Family

Domestic Violence effects families everywhere, and is a silent killer.  Give families the courage they need to speak up.  Order Dr. Amparo de Medina's excellent and instructive book and see for yourself the facts shared and solutions suggested.  Share the book with leaders in your church, community, region, national and continental unions.

This book is being offered for FREE

Coming Together - A History of the Women's Department, BWA

The gospel of Jesus Christ is good news for all the women of the world.  For over a century, this conviction has brought women from many countries together across barriers of geography, culture, language, and war.  They have prayed for each other, supported each other, delighted in each other, and learned from each other.  They have addressed issues that concern women around the world, and offered dignity to those who do not know they are made in the image of God.  Together, they radiate the light of Christ into the dark corners of women's experience.
Suggested donation: $10

Coming Together Book Cover
Created in the Image of God Book Cover

I'm a Woman, Created in the Image of God

This book is for women in all stages of life.  Based on the firm foundation of being created in God's image, it decries the myth of women's inferiority and incapacity to excel in the multiple tasks and roles of modern life.  Originally published in Spanish, this book enables women to use the Bible as well as aids from social science and psychology to learn the importance of relationships as developed in four major themes: Relationship with God, the opposite sex, family, and the world.  Aids for study and reflection are included both for private and group use.  This is now also available as an e-book through or Barnes & Noble.
Suggested donation: $10

Half The Church

Carolyn Custis James is a solidly Biblically based, practical and easy to read theologian. This is a Christian response to Nicholas Kristof's "Half the Sky"(which is also a great read!). If you wonder what your lifelong purpose really is as a woman in God's sight, no matter what your age, be ready for your life to be changed and challenged! A good read for men as well as women.
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