BWA Womens Department

The BWA Women’s Department organized a mission trip to Vietnam at the invitation of the Baptist Women’s League of the Baptist Churches of Vietnam (BCV).  The mission trip was July 12-16, 2013, and the team members were Sook Jae Lee, president of Asian Baptist Women’s Union (ABWU); Donna Groover, secretary/treasurer of the BWA Women’s Department (BWA WD); and Patsy Davis, executive director of the BWA WD.

The BWA WD team was welcomed with beautiful roses at the airport by leaders of the Baptist Women’s League and Pastor Giam.  The team was introduced to the women leaders, and had a wonderful fellowship time at lunch eating Pho a typical Vietnamese noodle soup.  In the evening we went over the program for the conference, and prepared ourselves for what God had called us to do.

Every Saturday morning the Baptist pastors in Ho Chi Min city come together for Bible study and prayer.  On this particular Saturday the BWA WD team members shared their testimonies, as a part of the prayer service.  The service was held in a very nice building where the BCV have an office.  It was a very hot day, and the electricity was off which meant no fans or air conditioning, and even though everyone was physically uncomfortable they listened and praised the Lord.

The women’s conference was in the afternoon.  There were about 80 women present with at least one woman from each of the regions of Vietnam.  The conference began with music lead by the women.  Each of the regional representatives had an opportunity to share how they are working with Baptist women and reaching out to those who do not know Christ as their Savior.  Patsy Davis led a conference with an emphasis on women being created in the image of God.

At the end of the conference everyone left with excitement and traveled to a house church for a special celebration.  The house church had just received its official government registration documents.  In recognition of this achievement there was a celebration worship service.  The celebration continued on the patio with a reception.

Pastor Moses invited the team to a prayer service at his church on Saturday evening.  Church members shared their concerns, and prayers were lifted up to the Lord.  It was a special experience knowing that God understood everything that was being said even though the team members couldn’t.  Afterwards there was a special time of fellowship and eating mangos.

The BWA WD team met with the women leaders several times during the time in Vietnam.  Information was shared about ABWU and BWA WD.  The officers of the Baptist Women’s League and several other women from Vietnam are planning on being at the ABWU Assembly in October where they will present the Baptist Women’s League for membership. 

Sunday was a very busy but blessed day as each team member was invited to preach in three different churches each for a total of nine churches.  This is a normal schedule for many of the pastors in Ho Chi Min city.

Monday was a special time of fellowship with some of the women leaders and pastors as we visited the CU CHI tunnel.  It was a beautiful two hour drive to the national park where we learned about the Vietnamese history and culture.  We celebrated our time together, as well as saying good bye with a typical Vietnamese meal. 

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