Visit to Cuba

BWA Womens Department
Alicia Zorzoli was the BWA Women's Department Secretary/Treasurer 2000-2005.  She recently was the speaker in three pastor wives retreats in Cuba.  The following is a message from Alicia about her visit.

With great joy and gratitude I like to share some of the wonderful time the Lord let me live during the past days ministering in Cuba.

I was the speaker in three pastor wives retreats, presenting three conferences in each retreat.  We had an attendance of 70 to 90 women on each city.  These are precious sisters with great needs.  Many of the husbands pastor multiple house churches, have not had any formal training, and the ministry absorbs all of their time.  This causes for many of the wives to feel the burden of taking care of the family by themselves in the midst of extreme poverty and, at the same time, of working full time in the ministry alongside their husbands.  I had the opportunity of talking one on one with many of them and trying to help them in their situations.

In the midst of such difficulties, these sisters have a great desire of serving the Lord, and many of them do it full of joy.  I will never forget their smiles and enthusiasm as they sang praises to God.  What a great privilege I have had in sharing those ten days with them.

I did not experience any hardship and all my traveling was safe.  I didn't have any health problems, and God gave me the necessary strength to do all I wanted to do.

I can say with the old hymn that "The service of Jesus true pleasure affords...It pays to serve Jesus each day."

Alicia Zorzoli

P.S. The sisters in Cuba sent their Day of Prayer offering back with Alicia.